Frsluflokkur: Stjrnml og samflag


Interesting interview on BBC last week with Geir Haarde. I think he stood pretty well but I do not understand why he has not talked to Gordon Brown since the bank crash. Especially after using Terrorist Laws against us I would have given Brown an earful if I was PM.

They are dropping like flies.

Well it is a little late but the Minister of Commerce (also the banking minister) has quit. He did this after firing the board and chairman of the FME, the Financial Supervisory Authority of Iceland. They should have been fired in October.

Now it is up to the Central Bank to recieve the same news. Get rid of all 3 chairmen and hire someone who knows what they are doing.


g for til a skipta pening um daginn og a var mjg slmt. a var hgt a skipta, a var ekki mli a var kostnaur. Kanada dollar 115 kr, OUCH.

g held a er kominn tima til a skipta t kronunni fyrir eitthva anna.

Who is stealing Christmas??

etta var sent tilefni enginn Jl r.


Good to be a Lawyer


a er gtt a vera lgfringur slandi dag. Everyone is sueing everyone. Iceland is sueing Britain, Kauping is sueing Britain. Holland is sueing Iceland. How manyyears before anything is done? framsland!!Sidewaysj0178254_1.gif

Canada, Conservatives with another Minority Government. Was the election worthwhile, I do not think so. 3dflagsdotcom_canad_2fawm.gif

National Banks again? Who is robbing who?

g veit ekki. Mr lst ekki vel hva er a gerast landinu. essa men sem er binn a ea billions er a f hjlp fr rki?? My tax money is going to help these rich people keep up their standard of living while my wages go down and down!! I do not understand.

Another Day

Jaja, krnur fellur og fellur. g vil ekki hugsa um a. fram a vinna.

g veit ekki meir. Devil


Ath. Vinsamlegast kveiki Javascript til a hefja innskrningu.

Hafu samband