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Lost a great friend of Iceland and Icelanders in North America

He was like me a little more comfortable speaking English than Icelandic but he was a great support to the Icelandic community in North America and had great friends here in Iceland as well. I was able to visit him between Christmas and New Years and I had a very enjoyable visit with him and Dr. Ken Thorlaksson. Neil feigur Bardal ltinn
Tilkynna um vieigandi tengingu vi frtt


This is where my money is going. Matarver hefur hkka um 25%
Tilkynna um vieigandi tengingu vi frtt

Post election blues.

Jja, flk eru vondu malum. g er loksins binn a borga blinn. g var a borga 25,000 manai fryst og a for upp 38,000 svo g skil ekki hvernig flk getur halda fram a borga allir skuldir.

Many horror stories and I feel bad for the average Icelander that has to pay for the extravagance of the trsavkingar. The lasted is that the wives of the people that bankrupt Iceland are on a last fling in Oman. Isnt that nice of them? They could have taken me with!!

It could be worse.

Politics Boring??

And who said politics is boring.

a er skemmtileg tma slandi nna. N forsetarherra leiinni.

Miki breyting vonandi til gs.

Money money is still going around, mainly to the people that have quit, been fired or replaced. I wish I got a small amout of this. For example they are saying that changing the heads of the central bank will cost the government 500 million kronur. That is crazy.

Better late than never

Though he has fallen I think overall he was a pretty good minister. Time will tell. Bjrgvin segir af sr
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I get to vote in May

Well the country does but it is my first time in Iceland. Geir: Kosi ma
Tilkynna um vieigandi tengingu vi frtt

Thank you Geir, I wish you all the best in your recovery.

a var kominn tma til a kjsa, enn samt g vil ska r gs bata. g von a fleiri segir af sr enn helst ekki fyrir sjkdm bara viringu fyrir jinnu.

What goes up comes down. There were many good years under your direction and yet you have to admit there were many mistakes as well. Can you not take David with you and maybe a few others.

Well Geir and Ingibjrg??

Er ekki komi tima til a gera eitthva? g held kostinga er eina lei til a ra folki landinu.

g var a bia eftir a stjrnvold gera eitthva en a gerist ekki neitt!!

Einginn hefur ltu af strfum, ea veri rekinn. Not to mention any names like David O. or everyone at the fjrmlaeftirleit. Og hva me bankamlarherra og Fjrmlarherra?

Maybe everyone should become a photographer, it is an exciting job.

Christmas Wishes from Gimli

g er buinn a finna essa netinu og a er mjg gour.

g var a koma heim fr Spni og Portugal, svo jlakvejar er svo liti seinn.

Nsta sa


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